Monday, September 23, 2013

The Paradox

The one big problem with our world is that we all try to be the "perfect human" yet being absolute perfection is impossible. If you really think about perfection is a paradox, it's made up of many pairs opposite characteristics that a person must strike just the right balance to. Take a student, you must be studious yet not antisocial or almost every human being on earth you must be part of the group yet still keep your own personality. Which is rather hard in this day and age because everyone is trying to shove their own personality, their own interests down our throats. Because modern people think that the only way to fulfill their life's purpose, to achieve success to get tons people to love them, to mimic them, to have their own interests and personality imprinted on someone else. The goal in life is not to be worshipped and not to achieve perfection. It is to follow the path makes you happy even if only a few people know your name or what you achieved in life. You know what you did to change the world. You know what you did to change the existing reality.