Monday, November 18, 2013

The Lord of the Flies

The symbols that have emerged so far in Lord of the Flies are numerous considering the fact that everything in the book is a symbol. Some of the more interesting ones being that obviously Simon is religion which makes sense because upon learning about the beast he comes to the conclusion that the beast is not real. Instead the beast is inside everyone therefore it is not something you can hunt and kill. This mirrors what many religions say to their followers in the fact that Simon is saying that to change the world around you, you must first change yourself. Also the conch symbolizes control because when Jack was trying to replace Ralph as chief, he blew the conch and he used it to try and show his power over other people. Also when Jack's clan raids Ralph's for fire some of the boys go to protect the conch because that is the symbol of power and they thought that Jack was going to try and steal it. Another symbol that is used in the book is butterflies prancing around which symbolizes peace and harmony. These butterflies, of course, are only ever metioned being in Simon's secret place which means that his place is the only place of peace and harmony on the island which isn't good. When Jack's clan slay the pig in Simon's place the book describes how the butterflies are dancing when the clan first gets there. But as soon as they start slaying the pig, the butterflies leave therefore the only place of peace and harmony on the island was destroyed.      

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Matter of Brains

(FYI it based sometime in the future)

Every time I step in the operating room a pit forms in my stomach. It's not because I'm nervous,  I have no reason to be considering that I'm one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. Though it took a few years at this job to pin down cause of this pit, I believe I have. The reason I dread going into work each day is remorse. Remorse that the new technology and techniques that use to save lives is being used for such a vain and shallow purpose. About thirty years ago a procedure to safely transplant human brains into another body with few side effects was developed. Right after it past the human tests and was approved by the FDA it was used to save the lives of those who fell victim to tragic accidents who had no other hope of survival. Yet as the years past and more and more people were saved by this method, the aristocracy found a new purpose for it, to extend their life way beyond the norm. The way they can do this is if their body is dying then they simple go and find a new, younger body and have their brains transplanted into their new body. This is endless cycle means that the rich can never die and rule over the poor for as long as they wish. As if living for as long as you wish were not enough, the rich had to take it a step further and change bodies if they thought that their old body didn't meet society's standards of beauty. Creeped out yet? I probably should be creepy out by this or a least a little disturbed but body switching has become a norm in society and it's hard to be disturbed by it. If you haven't guessed it already I'm the head surgeon at the biggest body-switching clinics in the world. Do I think body-switch for eternal life and beauty is moral wrong? Yes a little bit but if you get a paycheck as big as mine you learn to play along with things...  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Learn to Fly

So this week I decided to do something a little different. Instead of a creative writing piece or a rant about society I going to analyze a song. Said song is Settle by Two Door Cinema Club which I believe is saying that you only have a finite numbers of days so use them to try your hardest and really do your best. Yes I know that it sounds like a Hallmark card but still some of the most cheesy things can be helpful in their own way. Also near the beginning of the song it says "I can see all the things arresting me but I control, I control". Which I took as meaning that no matter what you control your own destiny, no matter the outside forces are you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your life. That being said the "city" in the song "that drags you in" is not taking responsibility for your actions and push the blame for your mediocre life on to someone or something else. What also backs this up is that in the song the city is refereed to as "drenched in sin" so when you refuse to accept your mistakes and blame other people then you will keep blaming other people and your life will not exactly be a happy one. I'm not saying that self-conceited jerks don't get "far" in life because sadly they usually do. But you can have everything in the world and still not be happy.