Monday, September 30, 2013

Hero's Cycle

My group's hero is Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. The movie in it of its self is amazing because they have so many random characters yet they still manage to connect them all pretty seamlessly. To point of where you forget the astronomical odds of that occurring but that what draws people to adventure movies, to see something that is seemly impossible succeed. Since there are so many characters and so many plots in the movie there is more than one primary character. Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, Will Turner and Captain Barbossa are all considered primary characters but only Will Turner fits the hero cycle. The reason being Barbossa is automatically out because he is antagonist in this film and he dies at the end which makes it rather hard for him to complete the cycle. Captain Jack Sparrow is always working for his own gain and rarely helps anyone out unless it's to his advantage, also he lack very crucial things in the hero cycle like a mentor. Elizabeth could have worked for the hero cycle in a way but she is more often than not playing the damsel in distress rather than the hero. Though Will's fit in the hero's cycle was not as black and white as some other movies he fit rather well it also helped that he has a fabulous choice in hats.

The other groups' hero posters were quite amazing. The movies that people chose were very interesting in that they were movies I have never heard of or wouldn't have even thought about. Everyone did, in my option, a wonderful job of connecting their character to the hero cycle. That being said there were some posters design wise that stood out to me, first of all the poster for Pi because they did a wonderful job of combining the elements and colors from the movie in the poster. Usually orange, black and shades of blue don't go well together but this group made it into a very seamless, elegant work of art that fit the story line. The paintings on the poster for The Nightmare Before Christmas were extremely well done and really set that poster apart from the others. I must also mention the poster for The Hobbit because of the creative use of the One Ring as the O in Bilbo's name. Sadly I cannot mention all the posters but they were all quite wonderful.