Monday, September 2, 2013

La Plata De Nada

Movies have now become an essential part of our culture as humans. We share feeling, emotions and ideas through film and tend to connect with people who happen to like the film or types of films as we do. Therefore I will be sharing my favorite film, Pink Panther 2 with you.
Pink Panther 2 is about a bumbling idiot of a detective who somehow ends up solving the case in the end. The picture above illustrates the character quite nicely because no matter how badly he messes up he continues work towards solving the case at hand. Enough about film, on to the medium of art we human connect through, music.

There are over 26 million songs in the world and it is quite hard to choose a favorite out of 26 million yet I have and it is Steve McQueen by M83.

I love this song just because the actual song and lyrics are just so hopeful and happy. Every time I hear it I just remember that there's a future out there and I can choose to make it great, happy and awesome or I just think that nothing is ever going to change and that we as a human race are stuck in this rut that it's impossible to get out of. 

It's quite hard pinpoint to the greatest experience in my life but would have to be touring NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. By the way if you didn't know how big of geek I was before, now you do. Since JPL is where NASA controls and receives data from its rovers and orbiters there is always data being sent or received. Nothing show how hard or how many people it takes to receive, go through and make sure that these robots millions of miles away keep transmitting better than JPL's massive control room. Seeing these control room and meeting some of the people who work there really proved to me how far civilization has come since the first flight about 100 years ago. Then we could only get aircraft to fly for a few seconds and now we can send a robotic geologist to another planet while we control from earth.