Monday, February 24, 2014


My canto is XVIII which is the first pit and second pit of Malebolge. In my lovely slice of hell I have panders and flatters, which basically have to do with people seducing women or selling them for their own means. It's definitely a interesting canto with very unique punishments. Such as being forced to run back and forth in a pit for all of eternity all the while horned demons whip you if you don't run or get within reach. Or if running isn't your style you could sit in a pit of human waste… for all of eternity. The sins themselves have a certain level of awkwardness about them because panders are people who sell women into prostitution. Therefore this project so far has been very informative even though I wish I could delete the majority of that information from my memory.

It's very eyeopening to read this epic poem because some of the sins are so obvious wrong that it leaves you wondering how anyone could lack morals to that severity. Like with my canto, in the first pit Dante talks with a man who's there because he sold his sister to a marquis. Then the man goes on to say how many people there was in the pit with him. I know that this was written in the middle ages, but did people really have to taught that selling their family members into prostitution is a sin? Also seducing people to gain your own means is just a really bad thing to do. The people in my canto really deserve the punishment that has been given to them.