Monday, January 27, 2014

Tourists and Drinking Water

This week was normal as far as weeks go it wasn't exciting but it wasn't dull either. I mean it snowed which is pretty.... normal for winter but still it's snow. Which this late in winter is pretty much just a pain besides the fact that it's pretty and supplies us with drinking water and tourists. Yes, I know it's a weird combination but it's true so whatever argument you are making in your head against it is invalid and futile. Because you will never defeat me MWHAHAHAHA! Where was I? Oh yes, the week, this week in LA (language arts not the city in California) we learned more about the tragic Greek play Oedipus Rex and started learning about the traits of tragic heroes. So that was fun.... and slightly depressing.

On a personal/ partially academic note I'm competing at FBLA districts this Friday which should be fun and insanely terrifying at the same time. The reason being is that I'm competing in a live event for the first time and that event is Client Services. Which is basically where you are given a company that you work for and then you go in front of a group of judges that complain about your "company's" product, services, ethics, etc. Then you are suppose to fix the imaginary problems that your judges created. It's a great competition for some people because all you really have to do is charm the judges into liking you. Unluckily for me I have never really master the whole "charm" thing but luckily the speech/conversation thing is suppose to be over the phone so if worst comes to worst I can always start listing off phone menu language options "Press 1 for Icelandic, press 2 for Latin, press 3 for Piglatin...".  I have to talk for 5 minutes so I bet a could come up/ make up enough languages for 5 minutes. I definitely won't win if I go for the phone menu option but life isn't all about winning. At the very least I and possibly the judges would get a good laugh out of it, it's too bad that they don't award points for creatively. So that's was/ is my week. Here's a funny picture about customer service for enduring my rant.