Monday, October 14, 2013


If someone asks you to find a satirical video then present it and watch everyone else satirical videos. Then it really isn't a very taxing project or in class assignment instead it a barrel of laughs and a nice break from the daily lull of things (namely math). In my option everyone did rather well on their presentations even if the video/picture/news article wasn't satirical, it was still funny. Also the presentations helped see the subtle difference between satire and just comedy. It's quite hard to judge which one of the videos is my favorite since I was only there for about four of the presentations. So any favorites drawn from those four would be rather biased since I haven't seen the other twenty some videos. As for my presentation, it went rather well besides the fact that I don't believe many people thought it was funny, which was a bummer because Monty Python is funny if you get "dry" humour. Overall the presentations on satire were rather good and very funny.